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Technology Enhanced Meditation


Real-time (brainwave EEG) feedback teaches you the art of focus.


Tune into your heart rate to optimize performance.


Learn how to use your breath to find calm and fight stress.


Discover how your posture can bring you physical relaxation.

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Ideal if you are new to mindfulness and meditation; or wondering if you are 'doing it right' or are just looking to take your meditation to the next level...


SPECIAL OFFER: when you book a kinesiology session at Healthy Kinect you will receive a bonus offer of a:

FREE 30 minute introductory session using the MUSE 2 headband (normally $50)


Simply enter in the CODE: MUSE2 in the message box when booking online.

Meditation Made Easy with MUSE 2 

Sitting down is just the beginning!

Muse's sensors provide real time feedback on brain activity, heart rate, breath and body movements to guide your total meditation experience.

Sometimes your mind is calm and sometimes it's active.


Muse will guide you to a calm mind.

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