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Genius Biofeedback Balancing (aka 'GENIE')


I am a Quantum Biofeedback System, providing a method of energetic testing and harmonising. My goal is to inspire your body to remember to be healthy and to employ all of its inner resources to achieve the goal by coming back into balance or homeostasis.

Did you know that your body has its own natural wisdom and healing ability? It knows exactly what is causing you stress ( energy imbalances), whether it be physical, emotional, mental, environmental, hormonal, nutritional or spiritual and also exactly what you need to bring you back into balance. Amazing, right?

However, often as a result of 'stress' within the body-mind-biofield system it is difficult to 'listen to the body' and identify the source of energy imbalance.

My amazing technology listens, analyses and compares your voice to frequencies programmed into the system to give information similar to that of kinesiology muscle tests, indicating in what areas you are out of balance (body, mind, biofield) and what you need in terms of specific frequencies to bring you back into greater harmony.

What is your voice telling you?

We specialise in connecting in and listening to your body with the Genius Insight Biofeedback System (Genie) to seek balance and harmony from within, your body has the answers. We tap into the energetic frequencies within your body, mind and biofield related to the specific issues and symptoms you are experiencing.

Genie is listening! Using state of the art voice spectral analysis.

Be in tune with your body like never before!

We analyse the biofeedback results from 'GENIE', allowing us to determine specific stressors in your body.

From this we can identify areas such as hormonal imbalances, pain and inflammation, immune activity, sensitivities or emotional disturbances.

We can review spinal energy flow, energetic acupuncture, chakra balance, vitamins and minerals and much more.

We can then select from thousands of energetic signatures and frequencies to help stimulate your body's own innate healing ability.

Including Meridian Balancing, Bach Flower Essences, Essential Oils and Herbs just to name a few.

Genius Body.png

Instantly analyse your Body

Body Systems, Organs, Glands, Hormones, Spinal Energy, Digestion, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbs, Essential Oils, Sensitivities, Energetic Infection, Daily Stress.

Genius Mind.png

Instantly analyse your Mind

Emotional Disturbances, Bach Flower Essences, Brain Anatomy, Brain EEG, Neurotransmitters.

Genius Biofield.png

Instantly analyse your Biofield

Chakras, Meridians, Aura, Solfeggio Tones, Nogier Frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Protection.



Our exciting technology and approach offers tailored solutions and flexible delivery.

Our GENIE biofeedback system has got you covered no matter where you are located in the world. You can have access to your very own specifically created sound healing frequencies, anywhere, anytime with our remote balancing options. Or engage and interact in our online balancing sessions as GENIE and your practitioner analyse and create the required set of sound balancing frequencies for live streaming. And if you are 'local' we also offer tailored 1:1 In-Clinic sessions.

Genius Remote.png

Remote At Home Balancing

Introducing the Insight Quanta Capsule which allows us to easily analyse and export specific healing frequencies directly from the Genius to our clients devices for at home balancing.

Balancing on the go, anywhere in the world!

Genius Online.png

Online Balancing Sessions

Our 1:1 online balancing sessions allow clients to be fully engaged and interact with the practitioner as Genie analyses specific energy disturbances and determines the required balancing frequencies.

Clients love the 'real-time' sound frequency balancing in these sessions with the option to also export to a Quanta Capsule.

Genius In-clinic.png

In-Clinic Balancing

In person balancing sessions provide a 1:1 tailored 'Genius' experience from analysis of energetic disturbances through to your powerful sound frequency balancing meditation.

Additional kinesiology and energetic healing modalities incorporated as needed.

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