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Am I Perimenopausal?

Image by Darius Bashar

If you are in your 40s - 50s and feeling "not yourself", don't panic... you may be in Perimenopause!!!

Our simple quiz will help you to identify whether you may have

hit Perimenopause, connect the dots and start to find relief.

Introducing the Perimenopause Power House

Perimenopause Power House.png

The 'House' has been created to connect women through an inspired and empowered membership community; offering a unique approach to taking on and thriving through Perimenopause!


Complete with powerful content, resources, opportunities to access live events, workshops, courses... and of course the support from other amazing women!

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What to expect: The Top 5


Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. Find a little inspiration, supportive conversation, and expert perspective each and every day.


Understand the inevitable hormone shifts and YOUR own unique journey through Menopause and discover and learn how to support your body's own 'super powers' to tame YOUR Perimenopausal symptoms.


Build your own specific 'Perimenopause Power Toolkit' with knowledge and supportive mind-body balancing 'hacks' (strategies, techniques) that tame YOUR major Perimenopause symptoms.


Reset your mind-body balance to reduce/remove YOUR Perimenopause symptoms and take back control of your health and wellbeing (physically, emotionally, mentally and hormonally). Get back to feeling YOU again!


Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission of powering up and thriving through Perimenopause.

Power House Weekly Shows

Power House Events and Classes
Perimenopause: the struggle is real!
The struggle is real! It's not you, it's your hormones.png

It's not you, it's your hormones!

Ease the impact of your perimenopause transition by understanding and preparing for the physiological changes and symptoms you may experience.

The struggle is real! Spotlight - main symptoms.png

Hormones & Symptoms

Understand how the hormone shifts of perimenopause cause some of the main symptoms you may experience, including hot flushes, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and mood swings...

The struggle is real! Simple hacks to decrease symptoms.png

Reduce your Symptoms

A practical session demonstrating some simple strategies you can use to tame your perimenopausal symptoms and start building your own perimenopause toolkit.

Powering Up for Perimenopause!
Power up for perimenopause - adrenal health connection.png

The Perimenopause-Adrenal Connection

Introducing the body's built-in adaptation processes (super powers) to adjust to the stress and hormone shifts of perimenopause. A game changer in understanding and managing symptoms.

Power up for perimenopause - stress_adrenal balancing.png

Access the Power to Tame Symptoms

A snapshot of a natural and energetic approach to supporting  and guiding women through the physiological and psychological stress and change of perimenopause.

Power up for perimenopause - Bootcamps.png

Perimenopause Power Bootcamps

A facilitated mind-body balance bootcamp to reduce stress and symptoms during the transition of perimenopause and provide participants with their own specific energy balancing toolkit to power up and tame their specific symptoms.

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