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Essential Oils - Emotionally, one size does not fit all.

Essential Oils - from an emotional support perspective, one size does not fit all!!

Our attitude towards experiences is shaped by the meanings we attach. Therefore, in terms of emotional support, you will often find that the same essential oil will not be required even if people are going through similar experiences. Yes, there are general characteristics of essential oils that lend them to being great for specific uses and emotional support, e.g lavender for relaxation.

However, it is possible to tap into the wisdom of the body and identify specific supportive oils for specific individual needs, pretty cool, hey!!

This contributes to the wonder of essential oils in the healing journey - an exploration of self renewal, transformation and love.

Introducing 'Freestyle Aromatherapy Balancing' - FAB for short! Small group workshops in Ballarat offering participants a beautiful and powerful combination of aromatherapy and kinesiology to support working towards individual goals, intentions and transformations and to assist overcoming any blocks and challenges in finding greater mind-body-balance.

Why 'Freestyle Aromatherapy Balancing' workshops are so FAB: the simple answer is the inclusion of kinesiology muscle testing to identify the best support essential oils for each participant.

Participants are individually muscle tested to identify the essential oil(s) that will support their current healing journey/goal emotionally and energetically. A take home sample of this unique essential oil blend is provided for further support. A link to more information and details is provided below.

Why are essential oils so emotionally supportive?

There exists the belief that scent, as the most enduring of our senses, has the power to transform our emotions and heal our bodies.

Aromas, emotions and memory are closely interlinked. Anchoring in to specific aromas can be valuable in changing perceptions, creating new options and promoting positive behavioural changes.

The link between our sense of smell and our emotions is both deep and profound. No other sense has the ability to directly tap into the primitive part of our mind that is the centre of our moods and emotions. It is through such intimate connections with the primitive mind and by influencing the more subtle energies, that aromatherapy is able to impact so positively on relieving stress and promoting wellbeing.

More FAB information, dates and to book:

FAB workshops can also be arranged for private small groups, a great experience for a group of friends or work teams

So who's ready for more FAB?? And finding the essential oils to support your journey, right now!!

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