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Accessing the Inner Wisdom of the Body with Kinesiology

Updated: May 10, 2022

Unleash your inner healer to reduce stress and maximise energy with Kinesiology.

A fundamental premise of Kinesiology (Kin­-easy-­ology) is that the body has innate healing energy and is doing its best to maintain a state of balance (homeostasis) in the midst of daily stressors, but sometimes needs assistance to achieve this state. Increased stress and decreased energy are often signs that the body is struggling to maintain a balanced state.

Simply put, stress occurs when the mind-body-heart moves out of its optimal balanced state (homeostasis).

The body knows exactly what is causing you stress (whether it be physical, biochemical, emotional, mental or environmental) and also exactly what YOU need to bring YOU back into BALANCE. Amazing, right?

However, often as a result of 'stress' within the mind-body-heart system it is difficult to 'listen to the body' and 'self identify' the source of distress which can result in a sense of feeling 'blocked' or 'unbalanced'. This blocked or unbalanced feeling can manifest as fatigue, anxiety, emotional issues, sleep disturbances, physical pain, brain fog, food intolerances, weight issues and numerous other symptoms.

So how can you start tapping in and finding out what your body is trying to tell you? And what it needs to come back into balance?

KINECT and listen to your body with kinesiology and seek BALANCE from within, your body has the answers... find those answers and get back to being your TRUE SELF, balanced and THRIVING in your life.

Kinesiology also recognises that there are flows of energy within the body that relate to the nervous system, muscles and every tissue and organ that go to make the body a living, feeling being.

These energy flows can be evaluated by testing the function of the muscles (muscle monitoring), which in turn reflect the body's overall state of structural, biochemical, or emotional balance. Kinesiology looks beyond the symptoms. Kinesiology does not treat named diseases. Nor does it diagnose them. Kinesiology is concerned with imbalances (stress) in the body's energy. In this respect, Kinesiology has close links with the acupuncture concept of energy flow.

‘Unleash your Inner Healer’ with Kinesiology.

Be empowered and supported to tap into your body's own natural wisdom and healing ability and to bring about balance to the energy flow within the body by identifying and removing 'stress' that blocks the system?


​AND that is what kinesiology is all about; kinesiologists ‘facilitate’ change and healing by CONNECTION and bringing the body back into a state of energetic balance (by diffusing the stress).

Healthy Kinect Ballarat - Kinesiology, Bioenergetics, Aromatherapy

Specialising in energetic balancing and wellness support for Mental Health, Stress and Anxiety, Women's Health, Immune Health, Chronic pain & fatigue, Muscle/Joint Health.

Find out more about how kinesiology can support more balance and less stress in your life and download the Free e-book 'Unleash Your Inner Healer':

Get balanced and feel the difference.... book a session at Healthy Kinect

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