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Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Kinesiologists access the movement of energy ­or what the Chinese call Chi ­around the body and brain.

The analogy of a bio­-computer illustrates quite nicely how it works. When there are blocks or stresses preventing smooth energetic transmission, in turn affecting smooth functioning of our bio-­systems, there are under-­energies or over-energies.

Both can add up to stresses that can eventually overwhelm the body's compensatory mechanisms and then result in physical pains, mental discomfort and the myriad expressions of dis­-ease: stress and anxiety, postural problems, muscular pain, poor performance levels, learning, memory and focus difficulties, fatigue and sleep problems, hormonal imbalances, fluctuating weight, digestive and nervous disorders.

The goal of any kinesiology 'balance' is to identify the bottom-line cause of the stress/block (the imbalance) and then to resolve it. It might be structural, emotional, mental, biochemical, environmental or even spiritual, something as simple as an ‘attitude’ or a forgotten memory.

The essential tool upon which kinesiology relies is the 'muscle feedback system', a handy piece of human wiring that gives instant access into the holistic information held by the core operating unit of the entire mind-body system, the subconscious.

Thus, the kinesiologist is not the dispenser of healing knowledge to the client but rather the facilitator of the body's own wish to be healed and whole. A detective of sorts...

This subconscious holds all of our memories, all the information about physical, emotional and mental states and it also determines our muscle tension. A weak muscle test can therefore be an indicator that stress is having a negative effect somewhere in the system. By accessing the bio­-system via this remarkable muscle monitoring tool, kinesiology can get quite specific and very quickly come up with the right answers. What is the best way of releasing or resolving this stress? The body knows.

The muscle monitoring response

Muscle Monitoring is the main tool used by a kinesiologist and is totally painless. Generally when muscle testing with a client I will be using specific body positioning, for example bending or lifting an arm or a leg, with the aim being to contract a specific muscle. From here, I apply gentle pressure against that muscle; the client then attempts to resist the gentle pressure being applied. The muscle will then either unlock or stay contracted. From the muscle response I can then narrow down the potential underlying imbalance(s), for example, specific energy blocks, emotional stress or muscle imbalances and how to address it.

These techniques are applied to identify & correct energy blockages within the body. Always the answer is somewhere inside you. Muscle monitoring is a natural feedback system which receives information via nerve pathways and the meridian system of the Brain and Body. Muscle testing gives a kinesiologist instant access to information held by the body and the subconscious. Usually inaccessible, the subconscious holds information about your physical, biochemical, emotional, mental and energetic state.

Kinesiology simply follows the trail of clues that the body provides through the muscle monitoring response. One of the most fascinating things about kinesiology is that every person is unique and every session / balance is totally individual. What is even more interesting is that an individual's muscle response not only directs to the root of the problem (stress) but also identifies what therapy / techniques will most effectively diffuse the stress. Honouring this system information enables the body to clear itself at its own pace and priority.

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