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The Sources of Mind-Body Imbalance

Updated: May 10, 2022

The body is made up of pure energy (modern science is now backing this up)...

This energy can be negatively influenced in a number of ways, and symptoms of these energy imbalances (stress) can manifest as a host of health issues.

Most stress and related health and well­-being issues that we face can be traced to an imbalance in one of the following 5 areas below…

AND that is where Kinesiology can be so powerful. It uses the power of the Subconscious Mind in conjunction with muscle monitoring and other techniques to quickly pinpoint and correct these damaging energy imbalances to restore the natural Mind-­Body­-Balance state.

Read more about kinesiology here and discover how it can support your health, your well-being and your lifestyle goals.

STRUCTURAL: The bones, connective tissue, organs, glands, muscles and nerves that make up our physical body.

EMOTIONAL/MENTAL: primarily through trapped/stuck emotions, feelings and thought patterns.

BIOCHEMICAL: Nutritional, Hormonal and Digestive imbalances.

ENERGETIC: Imbalances associated with the energy meridians, chakras and brain integration patterns.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, pathogens (fungal, bacterial, viral, mould, parasites).

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