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Perimenopause Symptoms... all in your head?

Perimenopause symptoms affecting the brain
Perimenopause symptoms... the struggle is real!

Well,.. if we take this statement to mean, the symptoms you experience during perimenopause are all in your head to mean that you are imagining them, then this is definitely false. The symptoms are very real!

However,... there is some truth to this statement as explained below:

Basically, we associate the stages of peri/menopause and its symptoms with the ovaries, but when women say they are having hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, memory issues etc..., those symptoms don't start in the ovaries. They start in the brain! They are neurological symptoms. We're just not used to thinking about them as such. So why is that? Why are our brains impacted by perimenopause?

How is the brain affected by perimenopause
Introducing the ovary-brain connection

Firstly, our brains and ovaries are part of the body's endocrine system that is made up of the brain, the body's glands (such as the ovaries in women and the adrenal glands) and the hormones they release (such as oestrogen). As part of this system, the brain talks to the ovaries and the ovaries talk back to the brain, every day of our lives as women. So the health of the ovaries is linked to the health of the brain, and vice versa.

Secondly, hormones such as oestrogen are not only involved in reproduction, but also in brain function (oestrogen is really key for energy production in the brain).

And thirdly, the key hormone shifts at perimenopause affect specific regions of the brain. This helps explain why during perimenopause symptoms may start to arise.

Why is this important to know?... Knowledge is Power!

With this knowledge you have the ability to start to ease the impact of your perimenopause transition by understanding and managing the hormonal changes and symptoms you may experience.

To find out more about the main hormone shift at perimenopause that can disrupt specific regions of the brain and trigger the start of symptoms watch the first Perimenopause Power House Weekly Show

The show dives into looking at 3 common perimenopause symptoms:

Hot Flushes | Anxiety | Insomnia


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